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Publication: Yujie Zhu and Christina Maags (2020). Heritage Politics in China: The Power of the Past.

Yujie Zhu and Christina Maags (2020). 

Heritage Politics in China: The Power of the Past.

London: Routledge

Heritage Politics in China: The Power of the Past studies
the impact of heritage policies and discourses on the Chinese state and Chinese society. It sheds light on the way Chinese heritage policies have transformed the narratives and cultural practices of the past to serve the interests of the present.

Publication: Re-enchantment, Ritualization, Heritage-making: Processes Reconfiguring Tradition in Europe

Re-enchantment, Ritualization, Heritage-making: Processes Reconfiguring Tradition in EuropeEthnologia Europaea, 50, 2020.
ed. Cyril Isnart and Alessandro Testa
The most recent issue of Ethnologia Europaea is out, with the contributions of Eva Löfgren, Pedro Antunes, Alessandro Testa and I, plus a special forum on tradition in folklore, anthropology and ethnology by Christian Bromberger, Anne Eriksen, Jurij Fikfak, João Leal, Fabio Mugnaini, Ellen Hertz, Ronald Hutton, Anna Niedźwiedź, and Dorothy Noyes.Thanks to all authors and journal’s editors Monique Sheer and Marie Sandberg.

Job: Contrat doctoral Gouvernance sites naturels UNESCO

Laurent Rieutort (Professeur à l’Université Clermont-Auvergne – UMR Territoires) et Etienne Polge (Chargé de recherche à INRAE – UMR Territoires) proposent un sujet de thèse de doctorat financé sous le thème « Réseaux d’acteurs et gouvernance des territoires impliqués dans des démarches de gestion et de valorisation de sites naturels : une analyse des démarches d’inscription des sites de la Chaîne des Puys – Faille de Limagne et des Causses et Cévennes à la liste du patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO ». La date limite pour proposer un dossier de candidature est le 13 septembre 2020.

Job: Postdoc Researcher Positions in Berlin

Two researcher positions (E 13) are available from 01.10.2020 until 31.3.2022 to work within the sub-project “Realizations and Reception: The Humboldt Forum Berlin” as part of the main project “Making Differences: Transforming Museums and Heritage”, funded by Sharon Macdonald’s Alexander von Humboldt Professorship. The researchers will work as part of a team to research the exhibitions of the Humboldt Forum (including analysis of content and display) and their reception (including visitor research). As part of a team, they will play a role in the research design, conduct research and analyze the results, and to write it up in both report and publishable format. They will also contribute to wider project organization and outputs, and to the wider project concerns with questions of difference and transformation in relation to museums.
Deadline for applications: 27.08.2020
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