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Ressources: CIRET/Tourism research

Dear Colleague,
As you are involved in tourism  teaching and research you may be perhaps interested to have a free of charge access to the state of art content  analysis – 163,901 documents – of the international scientific literature on tourism,leisure,outdoor recreation and hospitality industry.
I encourage you to explore these resources and access them at your convenience – Ciret’s website http://www.ciret-tourism.com  – index thesaurus.
Please find herewith two attachments with informations concerning CIRET’s touristic scientific databases.
Many thanks in advance to forward these informations to your colleagues and correspondents involved in tourism,leisure,outdoor recreation and hospitality industry.
Yours sincerely.
Emeritus Member of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism
Centre International de Recherches et d’Etudes Touristiques
6 Avenue de Grassi,
13100 Aix-en-Provence

Ressource : Network and site about tourism research


Dear  Colleague,

Tourism is not and will never be a science but rather an activity, such as industry, agriculture, transport.  It is the reason why universities, until recently, were afraid to tackle a subject that was considered as a “frivolous” thing and necessitating a pluri- and interdisciplinary approach. But things have fortunately changed. Recognizing that tourism scores such a national and international success, universities have decided to create throughout the world numerous Faculties, Schools, Institutes, Centres, Laboratories… The globalisation of the tourism industry has been followed by the globalisation of the learning , the teaching and the research in tourism, leisure, outdoor recreation and hospitality industry.

The number of teachers and researchers involved in the tourism, leisure, outdoor recreation and hospitality industry has responded that sudden growth. In order to meet their vital need “to publish or to perish “, scientific reviews are more and more numerous and publishers have launched new tourism collections.

Nevertheless, that multiplication of an expensive scientific literature does not facilitate easy access to the researchers scattered throughout the world.

In order to reduce that waste of time, money and energy, CIRET (Centre International de Recherches et d’Etudes Touristiques) has created on its website http://www.ciret-tourism.com an evolutionary worldwide directory of academic institutions (today 766- in 107 countries) and an evolutionary worldwide directory  of individual researchers (today 4,513 in 119 countries) specialised in tourism, leisure, outdoor recreation and hospitality industry. Institutions and individual researchers not yet quoted in the data bases are invited to enter directly and free of charge their informations through the CIRET’s website – Index “Registration Form”.

To make easier the accessibility of the international literature to the worldwide scientific community, I have already and personally analysed 153,902 scientific documents – books, articles of 149 journals, reports… – (64,864 when I was Director of the Centre des Hautes Etudes Touristiques of the University of Aix-Marseille – of which I have preserved the legal property of the computerized analysis – and 89,038 since the creation of CIRET in 1997) . These documents are accessible through a thesaurus of more than 1,450 key words and a geographical index. The thesaurus, the geographical index and a model of the analysis of a book and of an article of a journal are found on the CIRET’s website.

CIRET has since its creation systematically invested in the scientific dissemination of the analysis of  the worldwide pluri- and interdisciplinary literature on the tourism, leisure, outdoor recreation and hospitality industry. A selection of testimonials quoted on the CIRET’s website confirms this leadership.

Academic institutions and individual researchers already mentioned in the data bases have  access free of charge – to a  selection of the international  literature  by theme(s) and (or) country. They are invited to directly contact CIRET by email  ciret@free.fr and  to submit their questions. They will receive in return  by email the selected references of the documents, all located in the CIRET’s library.

In exchange, I would be very grateful to receive a complimentary copy for review and inclusion in the abstract and indexing listing of  their publications.

On site use of  CIRET’s  library is available free of charge to qualified researchers.

If you are convinced by the quality and the quantity of the information and services delivered by  CIRET’s data bases, I would appreciate very much if you could insert a link in your website.

Yours sincerely.

Newsletter of the Archival Platform

Dear Colleagues

The Archival Platform is a networking, advocacy and research initiative in
the archive and heritage sector in South Africa.

The Archival Platform’s January newsletter is now on our website, and you
can subscribe online:


Submissions of relevant comments, blogs, news and resources very welcome.

Many thanks and best wishes for 2010!

Dr. Harriet Deacon

Acting Director, Archival Platform


Offre d’emploi : chargé d’étude européen Projet Net-Heritage

Le Ministère de la Culture et l’association Dédale proposent un contrat de 6 mois renouvelable pour représenter la France au sein du programme européen de coopération Net-Heritage.

Profil poste Net-Heritage