Marc Morell

Marc Morell is a contracted researcher (Investigador Contractat) at the Department of Geography of the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB). He received his PhD in Social Anthropology from the Universitat de Barcelona (UB), and he has been employed as a doctoral researcher (Investigador FPI) and lecturer (Professor Associat) at the UIB. Among others, he has taught courses in Geographies of Globalisation, Social Anthropology and Urban Anthropology, and he currently teaches Rural Geography and Territory and Society.

Acknowledging the methodological challenge of combining ethnography with social theory, Marc tries to grasp the class character of the production of space in market society. As part of this project, he has recently developed the concepts of class gap and urban labour, which have allowed him to explore gentrification, not as a spatial expression of previously precipitated classes but as a constitutive moment in their making. Marc is now expanding these insights to the tourist commoditisation of housing in the context of the sharing economy. Other topics dealt with in the past were: agricultural labour and migrations; oral history, conflict and historic memory; cultural tourism and intangible heritage; and urbanisation and social movements.

Marc has carried out field research in Majorca, Catalonia and Malta and he has been a visiting researcher at the Università ta’ Malta, the University of Manchester and Queen’s University Belfast. Member of the research group Territori i Sostenibilitat (GIST) and a collaborator of the Grup de recerca en Filosofia Pràctica (PRAXIS), both at the UIB, Marc also collaborates in the Grup de Recerca sobre Exclusió i Control Socials (GRECS) at the UB. Furthermore, he is also affiliated to different professional associations, networks and working groups. At present, he is the secretary of the Institut d’Antropologia de les Illes (IAI).

His most recent publications include: «Urban tourism via dispossession of oeuvres» (in Focaal, 2018); «Η αέναη εξάπλωση του τουρισμού» (in Περιοδικό Kaboom Ημερολόγια πριν από τη μεγάλη έκρηξη, 2018); «The class gap in gentrification» (in Albet i Benach, Global Capitalism and Processes of Regeneration, Routledge, 2018); «La ocupación del espacio», (in G.E.A. La Corrala, Cartografía de la ciudad capitalista, Traficantes de Sueños, 2016); and «Turisme per despossessió» (in Quaderns de l’Institut Català d’Antropologia, 2016).

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