Maria Johanna Christina Krom

Maria Johanna Christina Krom is a researcher at CRIA, the Center for the Research in Anthropology, and at IELT, the Institute for the Study of Traditional Literature, both affiliated to the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal). Her primary research interests are performance practices in contemporary folk cultures, sensory ethnography, and visual anthropology. Her research focuses on expressive practices such as (ritual) celebrations and festivals; on the expression of personal and collective memory through forms of (im)material culture; and on processes of patrimonialization, commoditization and touristification. A secondary line of research interests lies in the realm of the Anthropology of Nature, focusing on the interaction between man and environment, and between man and animal.
Her current research focuses identity politics and the commoditization of culture in folk festivals in Portugal, Spain and Brasil, funded by a PhD-scholarship from the Foundation for Science and Technology in Lisbon. She holds a masters degree in Cultural Anthropology with minors in Philosophy, Art History and Theatre Anthropology by the University of Amsterdam.

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