Evy Johanne Håland

Evy JOHANNE HÅLAND. PhD (History), Senior Researcher: Marie Curie Intra-European Fellow, Department of Archaeology and History of Art, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, University Campus, Zographou, Athens 157 84, Greece.

Phone: + 30 2109223989

Email: evyhaa@online.no

Website: http://www.arch.uoa.gr/ejh.html (Greek)/ http://en.arch.uoa.gr/ejh.html (English)

Her research focuses on ancient and modern cultural history and religion in the Mediterranean generally, and especially Greece. She is currently working on the project, Greek Women and Death, ancient and modern: A Comparative Analysis. The research is financed by EU’s 7th framework programme. The final book is under contract for publishing at Cambridge Scholars Publishing (Newcastle upon Tyne). Since 1983, she has had several periods of fieldwork in the Mediterranean, mainly in Greece and Italy where she has also been conducting research on religious festivals since 1987, and has published several books and articles on modern and ancient Greek religious festivals and life-cycle rituals from a comparative approach.

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