Vita Santoro

I have a Master of Arts degree in New Technologies for History and Cultural Goods, anthropological curriculum, from the Università della Basilicata (Italy) and a Postgraduate Course  in Cultural Project Management from the Fitzcarraldo Foundation of Torino (Italy)

In the past years, I have been involved in research activities mainly focused on the following fields:
• Museum Anthropology (i.e. Participatory Museography and Ecomuseology)
• Ethnographic Practices (i.e. Community mapping and Oral Archives)
• Anthropology of Landscape (i.e. Human Behaviour and Environment, Sustainable Development)
• Cultural-Heritage Education (as member of Thematic Commission “Education and Mediation” ICOM Italia).

In particular, I have been involved in research activities focused on the  analysis of some of the democratic perspectives of ‘Participatory Museography’, also their potential for managing ‘tangible and intangible’ cultural heritage. Another of the research topics developed during my studies has concerned the ‘Anthropology of Landscape and territorial resources’. In particular, I have investigated the social and cultural dynamics of human relationships with the environment, the modalities to support local communities in developing aware behaviours and sustainable initiatives which are in line with the strategic directions of the European institutions.

As an example, the title of my recent degree at the Universita’ della Basilicata was ‘’Cultural Heritage and Ecomuseums: the anthropological view’’. The main idea developed was based on the concept of Heritage as a field of conflicts and negotiations, as well as a constructive ground for subjects’ and ‘identities’. The thesis was developed through the observation of some processes leading to the creation of cultural heritage and of specific modalities of its public recognition.

Moreover, during my practical experiences with museums and ecomuseums, I had the chance to study some political and institutional processes, related to the construction of locality, the mechanisms of defining levels (local, national and global) of collective identity and the weight of  cultural and environmental policies on the strategies of territorial planning.

I am an ordinary member of the SIMBDEA (Italian Society for Museography and Anthropological Heritage) and an ordinary member of ICOM Italia (International Council of Museums – Italian National Committee). Since the beginning of 2012 I have also been the Secretary for Regional Coordination ICOM – Apulia.

At present, I don’t have edited publications on scientific journals in a relevant subject. However I have involved in writing of some unpublished works.


Cultural Project Manager
Independent Researcher
11 Via Engels – 74013 Ginosa (Italy)
Tel: +39 3404015433
Skype: vita.sant

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