Susan Ashley

My broader research interests inspect what, how and why heritage knowledge (both tangible and intangible) is created, shaped, communicated and consumed in the public realm, particularly in heterotopian media like museums. ‘Access’ has been a central theme in my research – both minority group access to the public stage, and access to knowledge and networking enabled by communications technologies.

My postdoctoral research studies ethnic heritage media production in Canada, particularly ‘exhibitionary‘ media as rhetorical forms undertaken by ‘new’ Canadians outside of mainstream institutions. I am looking at visual, textual and social communication initiatives in both traditionally curated exhibitions, heritage activities, and in web-based digital formats. I am investigating the motivations behind ‘museum-making‘ as a medium of communication to transmit heritage knowledge and values; the policy environment that facilitates or e ploits these activities, and, how these heritage media projects articulate citizenship and politics in Canada.

Susan Ashley, PhD
Senior Lecturer Cultural and Heritage Management
Northumbria University
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK


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