Julie Deschepper

Julie Deschepper (Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientale (INALCO) – Centre de Recherches Europes Eurasie (CREE) – Paris)

Julie Deschepper is a PhD candidate at INALCO and an instructor of Soviet History. She holds a MA in History of International Relations and a MA in Cultural Heritage Management from Sorbonne University. In her thesis, dedicated to the complex relation to Soviet heritage in Russia,she explores the evolution and the specificity of heritage protection since the 80’s, both by the State and the society, especially the new ways of heritagization. More generally, her researches investigate memory and identity issues in post-soviet Russia. Thanks to several professional experiences in the museum field and to her activities in heritage associations, Deschepper has developed both a theoretical and a practical approach to heritage.


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