Daniel Malet Calvo

Daniel Malet Calvo is anthropologist currently working on heritagization processes in Lisbon (Portugal) as a post-doctoral researcher in CIES-IUL (Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia- Instituto Universitário de Lisboa).
Daniel is leading an ethnography among the exchange students in Lisbon, focusing mainly in their strategies of distinction between groups. The differentiated consumption of the visited space by these groups of young people is always made through practices and discourses regarding the visited country signs and heritage.
More information about profile, work and publications here:
Latest publication:
Daniel Malet Calvo, « Procesos de revalorización patrimonial en el barrio de Alfama: el papel de los estudiantes Erasmus en la tematización de la ciudad », Etnográfica[Online], vol. 17 (1) | 2013, posto online no dia 13 Março 2013, consultado no dia 02 Dezembro 2014. URL : http://etnografica.revues.org/2532 ; DOI : 10.4000/etnografica.2532

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