Jasper Morgan Chalcraft

Jasper Morgan Chalcraft

Qualifications: PhD (Anthropology) University of East Anglia; MA (Anthropology of Art) University of East Anglia; BA Hons (African Studies) University of Birmingham, UK.

Research Interests: world heritage, heritage and social justice, cosmopolitanism, pastoralism, rock art, world music

Fieldwork: Italy, Libya, Tanzania
Location: Dept of Sociology, University of Sussex, UK

Contact: diaspro1/at/gmail/dot/com


Edited book, (with C. Mármol and M. Morell) Seduction and Disenchantment in the Making of Heritage. Book project proposal under review (2012)

Chapter, (with S. Biagetti) ‘Imagining aridity: human-environment interactions in the Acacus mountains (SW Libya), forthcoming in M. Janowski and T. Ingold (eds) Imagining Landscapes: Past, Present & Future. London: Ashgate (2012)

Chapter, (with P. Magaudda) ‘Space is the Place: the global localities of the Sónar and WOMAD music festivals. In, L. Giorgi, M. Sassatelli and G. Delanty (eds) Festivals and the Cultural Public Sphere. London: Routledge (2011)

Chapter, (with P. Magaudda et al.) ‘Music festivals as cosmopolitan spaces’, in L. Giorgi et al., European Arts Festivals: Strengthening Cultural Diversity. Brussels: European Commission (2011)

Chapter, (with P. Magaudda et al.) ‘Music festivals and local identities’, in L. Giorgi et al., European Arts Festivals: Strengthening Cultural Diversity. Brussels: European Commission (2011)

Encyclopedia entry, ‘Glastonbury and Woodstock Festivals’, in D. Southerton (ed.) Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture. Sage (2011)

Chapter, (with M. Sassatelli & G. Delanty) ‘Varieties of Cosmopolitanism in Art Festivals’, in M. Santoro (ed.) European Arts Festivals: Creativity, Culture & Democracy. Online. Location: http://www.euro-festival.org/publications.html (2010)

Chapter, ‘The WOMAD Festival’, in L. Giorgi (ed.) European Arts Festivals: Cultural Pragmatics and Discursive Identity Frames. Online. Location: http://www.euro-festival.org/publications.html (2010)

Chapter, ‘A History of WOMAD’, in J. Segal and L. Giorgi (eds) European Arts Festivals from a historical perspective. Online. Location: http://www.euro-festival.org/publications.html (2009)

Chapter, (with M. Santoro and P. Magaudda) ‘Music festivals: an interdisciplinary literature review’, in M. Sassatelli (ed.) European Public Culture and Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism. Online. Location: http://www.euro-festival.org/publications.html (2008)

Chapter, ‘The habitus of heritage: the making of an African World Heritage site’, in K. Yoshida & J. Mack (eds.) Preserving the Cultural Heritage of Africa: crisis or renaissance? London: James Currey (2008)

Article, ‘Il rapporto tra popolazione locale e patrimonio d’arte rupestre’, in Atti del Convegno ‘Arte rupestre della valle Camonica. Storia delle ricerche: protagonisit, tendenze, prospettive attraverso un secolo, Capo di Ponte 2005’ (2008)

Translation, Leptis Magna: The Imperial City. Rovereto/Tripoli: La Grafica (February 2008)

Article, ‘Managing Epistemological Plurality: a multi-site case-study’. Interpreting the past: heritage rights and responsibilities in a multicultural world. Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Ename International Colloquium, Ghent, 22-25 March 2006, Who Owns the Past? Heritage Rights & Responsibilities in a Multicultural World (2007)

Article, (with S. Biagetti) ‘Pastoral pasts and ethnographic echoes: an ethnoarchaeology of pastoralism in the Libyan Sahara’. Proceedings of the 12th Congress of the Pan African Archaeological Association, Gabarone (2007)

Editorial, ‘Discorso sulla maschera’, Studi Culturali 3 (Spring 2005)

Chapter, ‘Varimu Valale: rock art, ritual practice & World Heritage in Kondoa-Irangi, Tanzania’, in W. James & D. Mills (eds) The Qualities of Time: Anthropological Approaches, Oxford: Berg (2005)

Article, (with M. Sassatelli) ‘Identità locale e processi di internalizzazione degli interventi di politica culturale: il posto di Emilia-Romagna’. Il Mulino 2 (2004)

Report, Continuing Traditional Practices in Kondoa-Irangi: a report for the Department of Antiquities (United Republic of Tanzania) and ICCROM. Unpublished (2001)

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