Louisa Zanoun

Louisa Zanoun is a historian working for Génériques, a Paris-based NGO working on the history and memory of immigration in France and in Europe, and would like to join your network.

She has a PhD in International History (LSE; 2009) and as part of her responsibilities at Génériques and one of her fields of specialisation, she is particularly interested in the relationship between immigration and heritage (how does immigration challenge the traditional way “patrimoine” works in France? Who is in charge of “patrimoine” when it comes to immigration, the state, immigrants, institutions, museums? etc.)

Her organisation has a long experience in “patrimoine”; its founders wrote the first report on why France should have its own museum of immigration and immigration heritage; which later led to the creation of the Cité nationale de l’histoire de l’immigration in Paris.

She also represents her organisation in a scientific body (GIS Institutions patrimoniales et pratiques interculturelles; http://www.ipapic.eu/) focusing on issues of heritage in France and in Europe.

You may find more information on our website, http://www.generiques.org

We have created an online resource catalog with archives and sources pertaining to the history of immigration in France over the last 200 years,  http://odysseo.org

We also publish a bi-annual academic journal, Migrance, http://www.generiques.org/migrance.php.

Louisa Zanoun, historienne

Responsable du pôle scientifique et culturel

Génériques Organisme de recherche spécialisé dans l’histoire et la mémoire de l’immigration en France et en Europe

34, rue de Cîteaux

75012 Paris


Tel : +33 (0)1 49 28 57 75



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