Peter Probst

Dr. Peter Probst
Professor of African Art and Visual Culture
Adjunct Professor of Anthropology
Department of Art History
Tufts University
Medford, MA 02155

I am working on African visual culture and my interest is in the role of images in the realm of cultural production, especially images of heritage. I have investigated this question  in a series of publications, most of them are based on my research in Osogbo, a Nigerian World Heritage Site.

2011   Osogbo and the Art of Heritage. Monuments, Deities, and Money.Bloomington: Indiana University Press

Edited Volumes
2012. Iconoclash in the Age of Heritage.  Special Issue of African Arts, Vol. 45, No. 3
2009. Hybrid Heritage. Special Issue of African Arts, Vol. 42, No. 4  (co-edited with Ferdinand de Jong)

2012   Iconoclash in the Age of Heritage. African Arts, Vol. 45, No. 3, pp. 10-13
2011. Revisiting Osogbo – Religion, Media, and Control in a Nigerian Heritage Site. Critical Interventions. Journal of African Art History and Visual Culture, Vol. 7, 65-83
2010.   Die Stimmung von Osogbo. Kulturerbe als Politik von Präsenz. In: Dorothea Schulz & Jochen Seebode (Hg.) Spiegel und Prisma. Festschrift für Ute Luig. Berlin: Argument Verlag, pp. 252-266
2009.Yoruba Heritage as Project, Reauthenticating the Osun Grove in Osogbo. Nigeria. African Arts, Vol. 42/4, pp. 24-37
2008. The Modernity of Heritage. In: Vincent Houben & Mona Schrempf (eds.) Figurations of Modernity. Global and Local Representations in Comparative Perspectives. Frankfurt: Campus, pp. 155-178
2007a. An African Journey. Cultural Heritage and the Popularity of Primitivism. RES, Journal of Anthropology and Comparative Aesthetics, Vol. 52, pp. 153-161
2007b. Picturing the Past.  Heritage. Photography, and the Politics of Appearance in a Yoruba Town. In: M. Rowlands & F. de Jong (eds.). Reclaiming Heritage. Alternative Imaginaries of Memory. Oxford: Berg, pp. 99-125
2006. Weltkulturerbe als Exportschlager. Lettre International, No. 74, pp. 124-125
2004a. Keeping the Goddess Alive: Performing Culture and Remembering the Past in Osogbo, Nigeria. Social Analysis, Vol. 48, pp. 32-54
2004b. Vital Politics. History and Heritage in Osogbo, Nigeria. In: P. Probst & G. Spittler (ed.), Between Resistance and Expansion. Explorations of Local Vitality in Africa. Münster, Rochester: Lit & Transaction Publishers, pp. 279-298

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