Olivia Angé

Angé Olivia

Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology at Oxford University

United Kingdom

Current position

–  Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford.

–  Associate Researcher at the Laboratoire d’Anthropologie des Mondes Contemporains, Université Libre de Bruxelles.

–  Associate Researcher at the Centre de Recherches sur les Mondes Américains, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales-Paris

Research Interests

Economic Anthropology; Ritual; Transmission; Heritage; Development Anthropology; Andes.

Olivia’s research focuses on barter fairs bringing together Kolla shepherds and cultivators dwelling the Argentinean Andes. By highlighting fairs’ embeddedness in broader festivals related with religious celebration, she regards them as sites of potential ritualization of economic exchanges. At the crossroads of ritual and economic anthropology, her work assesses classical polarizations between gifts and commodities, material and spiritual realms, instrumental and religious actions.

In a comparative perspective, she also looks at fairs organized by institutions concerned with the transmission of these “ancestral” practices. By comparing local perspectives with those of heritage stakeholders, she explores the multiple practices and representations of barter. Further research addresses the dynamic between nostalgic narratives and practices. More precisely, it teases out the social and economic efficacy of nostalgic formula deploring the vanishing of an “ancestral” code of exchange, in the course of barter transactions. Finally, Olivia has been investigating the social dimensions of heritagisation in the Humahuaca Valley (Northern Argentina), which has been declared world cultural landscape by Unesco in 2003.

Main publications

Angé O. and D. Berliner, 2013 (à paraitre). « Introduction », in Angé and Berliner (eds), Ethnographies of Nostalgias. Oxford : Berghahn Books.

Angé O. 2013 (à paraitre). « The Elder’s Trade. Social Performativity and Economic Efficacy of Nostalgic Narratives in the Southern Andes », in Angé and Berliner (eds), Ethnographies of Nostalgias. Oxford : Berghahn Books.

Angé O. 2012 (à paraitre). « Instrumentalisation des énoncés nostalgiques dans les foires de troc andines », Terrain 59 : 130-139.

Angé O. 2011. « Yapa. Dons, échanges et complicités dans les Andes méridionales », Social Anthropology 19 (3) : 239-253.

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