Isabella Archer

Graduate student (élève de troisième cycle), Ecole du Louvre (co-direction with the Université de Poitiers)
Fields of research: Museum studies, archaeology, art history, Franco-Arab studies, heritage studies
I am currently at work on a dissertation about exhibitionary practices of Middle Eastern heritage sites in museums and cultural institutions.Threats such as armed conflict, trafficking of cultural property, urbanization, and/or environmental degradation have prompted concerned international cohorts to create exhibitions of endangered Middle Eastern sites in recent years. These projects focus on saving sites from physical conflict, preserving cultural and historical memory, increasing virtual accessibility, and promoting global awareness of the threats facing the sites. This project examines how technology is used to virtually move cultural heritage sites into museums, creating new forms of visual culture and visitor experiences, and new platforms to promote heritage conservation. It also seeks to place contemporary exhibitions in a historical context by studying them in relation to colonial and post-colonial cultural heritage documentation and conservation projects.

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