Yael Dansac

Full name: Yael Dansac
– Post: Student in PhD Preparatoy Year
– Institutional Afiliation: École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences),
Laboratory of Anthropology and History about the Institution of Culture (LAHIC-CNRS).
– Adress: 105 Boulevard Raspail, 75006, Paris, France
– Email: dansac.yael@ehess.fr, derhexenhammer@hotmail.com
– Fields of research: Ethnography of Archaeological Heritage, Social perceptions on Cultural Heritage, Traditional and Local knowledges on pre-Hispanic vestiges, West and Center Mexico.
– Country: France

– Short presentation of your work: I’m a french-mexican student in PhD Preparatory Year at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales. Holding a Masters degree in Social Sciences and a first degree in Archaeology, my research interests lie in the cultural relations between Latin American rural communities and their local pre-Columbian remains, both structures and artifacts. Within the anthropology field I carried out ethnographies about the uses and appropriations given to archaeological sites in West Mexico.

Published articles:

Dansac, Yael. (2012). “Conceptualizaciones nativas y etnoconocimientos sobre los vestigios prehispánicos en el folclore rural. Notas sobre la exploración del patrimonio etnológico en Teuchitlán (México)”. Apuntes, 25(1):90-101.
Available in:http://revistas.javeriana.edu.co/sitio/apuntes/sccs/plantilla_detalle.php?id_articulo=301

Dansac, Yael. (2012). “Interacciones patrimoniales franco-quebequesas: dialógos transatlánticos en el centro-oeste de Francia”. Revista Digital de Gestión Cultural, 4(65-70).
Available in: http://www.gestioncultural.org.mx/revista/04/

Dansac, Yael. (2011). “Entre agaves y moneros: el patrimonio arqueológico del Paisaje Agavero”, Red Patrimonio.
Available in:http://redcolmich.michoacan.gob.mx/index.php/preguntas-frecuentes/item/156-agaves-y-moneros-paisaje-agavero

Published papers:

Dansac, Yael. (2012). “Invención de tradiciones en Teuchitlán: adaptaciones de una comunidad ante el turismo”. In Baños, J., Olivares, A. and Pérez, M. (Eds). Memorias del 4to Coloquio Internacional Ciudades del Turismo, pp. 736-765. University of Guadalajara: México. ISBN 978-607-450-647-1.
Available in:http://www.posgradospnp.cuaad.udg.mx/ocs/index.php/cict/4cict

Dansac, Y. (2010). Entre agaves y moneros: la destrucción y el saqueo de los sitios arqueológicos ubicados dentro del Paisaje Agavero declarado Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO. In Herrera, L. (Ed.). Memorias 1er Congreso Patrimonio Cultural en México, Autonomous University of Yucatán: Mérida. ISBN: 978-607-7573-60-9

Forthcoming articles:

Dansac, Yael and Lucía González. (2014). “Voices about the impacts of tourism on the Agave Landscape: comparisions between Tequila and Teuchitlan, Mexico. International Journal of Anthropology Tourism. Special number on Tourism and Community Development, Relationships, Impacts and Management.
Abstract available in:http://www.inderscience.com/info/ingeneral/forthcoming.php?jcode=ijta

Dansac, Yael. (2014). “New Perspectives in Global Public Archaeology, edited by Katsuyuki Okamura and Akira Matsuda”, Dimensión Antropológica, 20(57):184-186.

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