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CFP Reminder HERITAGE SCAPES Lausanne 2012

Call for papers

International symposium, University of Lausanne, August 27-
28, 2012

Application deadline: march 15

Confirmed keynote speakers: Lynn Meskell (Stanford
University), Michael Herzfeld (Harvard University)

Organizers : Laurence Gillot (Université Paris Diderot,
ULB), Irène Maffi (Université de Lausanne),
Anne-Christine Trémon (University of Lausanne)

Scientific committee : David Berliner (Université libre de
Bruxelles), Roberta Colombo (Musée ethnographique de
Genève), Rami Daher (Jordan University), Maria
Gravari-Barbas (Paris 1 Sorbonne), Kimberly Katz (Towson
University), Silvia Naef (UNIGE), Dino Palumbo (Messina
University), Dominique Poulot (Paris I Sorbonne), Michel
Rautenberg (Université Jean Monnet), Laurier Turgeon
(Université de Laval), Wendy Shaw (UNIBE).

The purpose of this multidisciplinary and international
symposium is to give scholars from various backgrounds and
geographical areas working on the topic of heritage and
museums an opportunity to meet.

Processes of patrimonialization are primarily a matter of
cultural production and preservation. However, to the extent
that they entail a selection of objects, persons and
‘traditions’ to be preserved and/or displayed, and a
choice of the places and forms of the exhibits, they
unavoidably involve economic, political and social stakes.
The heritage and museum boom occurring in many countries may
be linked to an increased economic and political competition
between localities, the enactment of multicultural policies,
as well as the growing involvement of local actors – private
citizens, families, foundations, NGOs, etc. Therefore,
heritage and museum projects may be considered as situated
at the intersection of a variety of arenas at the local,
national, regional and global levels. At the heart of
patrimonialization lies a scalar dynamic that raises the
question of whether we may talk of « heritage-scapes ».
These scapes would result from the encounter between Western
paradigms and alternative models of relating to the past,
and of producing and promoting culture.

We welcome contributions that address one of the following
sub-themes (cf. attached document):

–       OBJECTS : The social life of objects in museums and
–       ARENAS : Intersections between scales
–       SITES: The social production of places
–       PARADIGMS: encounters between Western and other

Proposals for papers, with title, a 3,000 sign abstract
(including spaces), author’s name, affiliation and email
address are to be sent in word or rtf format. Please mention
the selected sub-theme. Proposals are to be sent to Laurence
Gillot (lgillot@ulb.ac.be); Irène Maffi
(irene.maffi@unil.ch) and/or Anne-Christine Trémon

). We will send out
notifications around the end of April.

Meilleures salutations,
Anne-Christine Trémon

Maître d’enseignement et de recherche
Laboratoire d’anthropologie culturelle et sociale
Institut des Sciences Sociales
Université de Lausanne
1015 Lausanne
tel mobile 0033681537880