CFP: Rethinking Heritage Landscapes for the Future, Lisbon 12-15 July 2023

VI CHAM International Conference “Heritage for a Common Future / Futures for a Common Heritage”.

12-15 July, Lisbon

CHAM — Centro de Humanidades / CHAM — Centre for the Humanities NOVA FCSH—UAc


P. 20 Rethinking Heritage Landscapes for the Future: Narratives and Experiences from “Authorised Heritage Discourses” to Heritage “from Below”

Chairs: Maria Leonor Botelho (CITCEM – Universidade do Porto), Ana Rita Albuquerque (CITCEM – Universidade do Porto; ARTDev – Université Paul-Valéry-Montpellier), Marie-Laure Poulot (ARTDev – Université Paul-Valéry-Montpellier)

Submission deadline: 7 April 2023

In most recent decades, some institutions such as local authorities, tourist boards, associations, transnational communities, in conjunction with a succession of artists and the support of social media, have enhanced the ability of propose what is the heritage content or even challenging the “authorized heritage discourses” (Smith, 2006). Far from a simplification of social relations by creating “imagined heritage communities”, these contemporary heritage-making processes can offer new boundaries between groups in constant redefinition. They involve different actors and a variety of social-political terms and scales, either local, national and international. This results in numerous combinations, which reveals the possibility of heritage value conflicts between those actors.

The purpose of this panel is to analyze the development of alternative narratives, and counternarratives, which emerge in sparsely inhabited interstices, sometimes at the edge of liminal or intimate spaces (Poulot, 2014). These are areas where different visions of the landscape, the city itself and its heritage are expressed, especially when it comes to themes such as touristification, gentrification and façadism. The alternative narratives or counternarratives that have been emerging cannot be separated from their own imaginaries, through the production – whether spontaneous or organized, individual or collective –, of counter-visuality, claiming the autonomy and awareness of the gaze.

We wish to question them in order to understand their position in relation to the “authorized heritage discourses”, by shedding some light on the complementary role of it “from below” (Muzaini & Minca, 2018; Albuquerque, 2022). It is therefore a question of insisting on the interactions, sometimes conflicted, between international logics, national representations and the inhabitant’s voices; it is also fundamental to be aware of the polysemic statements of the heritage value transmission which can be focused around three major axes and also related to the ongoing transformations of the urban landscapes: the criticism of touristification and gentrification, the right of owning a house in relation to the real estate speculation, and the loss of the identity and the immutable characteristics of the contemporary cities.

This panel welcomes every paper addressing topics or case studies that explore different uses of heritage values and emotions, through digital technology, social media, and photography; any work or investigations related to off-the-beaten-track and new trends in tourism is also welcomed. We wish to open the debate and enrich the existing taxonomies, in order to consolidate a methodological framework and the tools for studying the complexity of this project.

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Contacts for questions and comments:

Maria Leonor Botelho (CITCEM – Universidade do Porto)

Ana Rita Albuquerque (CITCEM – Universidade do Porto; ARTDev – Université Paul-Valéry-Montpellier)

Marie-Laure Poulot (ARTDev – Université Paul-Valéry-Montpellier)

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