CFP: ESfO 2018, panel “Beyond Inequalities. Museums as Experimental Hubs for Balancing Inequalities”

ESfO 2018 (Cambridge 7-10 décembre 2018)
Panel « Beyond Inequalities. Museums as Experimental Hubs for Balancing Inequalities ».
Dead-line 29 june 2018:

Beyond Inequalities. Museums as Experimental Hubs forBalancing Inequalities


Fanny Wonu Veys, Roberta Colombo Dougoud

Session presentation

Ethnographic collections assembled the material heritage of colonized peoples that were considered as vanishing. Museums preserved, documented, studied, and exhibited the material culture of the Other for the future. Collecting was a one-way relationship resulting from colonial inequality: artefacts with their contextual information went from the producers and original users to museums. Over the past 40 years, both the physical ownership of objects and the right to represent meanings have become contested. In this changing power relationship, museums are no longer the only voice of authority. Perspectives of Indigenous peoples are increasingly valued as knowledge systems in their own right. New paradigms create a critical and reflexive museology, that presents Indigenous peoples in a more respectful, collaborative and balanced way. But can museums, which were built on inequality become places for renegotiating those very same inequalities? The panel would like to investigate the changing relationship between ethnographic museums and originating communities. Papers should deal with issues related to new forms of knowledge sharing and collaboration and/or the role of contemporary Pacific artists in displaying historical and contemporary collections.

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