Publication: Swaantje Güntzel-Octave Debary. HIDDEN BY THE SURFACE. Works about marine debris

Swaantje Güntzel //Octave Debary:

HIDDEN BY THE SURFACE. Works about marine debris

The catalogue HIDDEN BY THE SURFACE is a collaborative project between the German conceptual artist Swaantje Güntzel (*1972) and the French anthropologist Octave Debary, professor at the University of Paris Decartes. Debary has been following Güntzels works for several years and has conducted an interview with the artist in her studio in Hamburg. His essay „Trash or tainted culture“ Le déchet ou l´atteinte de la culture analyses Güntzel´s art practise exploring the essential dichotomy between visual pleasure and disturbing global issues with a focus on the anthropogenic pollution of the oceans and marine debris.

The essay comes in the original FRENCH version and has been translated to ENGLISH and GERMAN. The texts are accompanied by a selection of images illustrating Güntzel´s work.

Swaantje Güntzel: HIDDEN BY THE SURFACE . Works about marine debris

Editor: Swaantje Güntzel, Layout: Stephanie Dünhölter, Contributor: Octave Debary, Translations: Andrew Gallix, Regine Herrmannsdörfer, Nina Gorgus, text essay: English, German, French // text illustrating part: English, German, 98 pages, 30 x 30 cm, ISBN 978-3-00-057799-4, 2017,  22 €

The catalogue can be purchased for 22 €/copy and can be shipped worldwide.

Order your copy by sending an email to:


The catalogue will be presented at the GOETHE-INSTITUT PARIS on June 19th, 2018, 19.30 o´clock. Swaantje Güntzel and Octave Debary will be present. 

CONTACT: Swaantje Güntzel / mail: / phone: 0049 (0)179 768 24 73

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