CFP: International Symposium on Museology Research (III SInPeM)

Call for papers and posters

  III International Symposium on Museology Research (III SInPeM):

   “The future of museus and the museums of the future”

     São Paulo, Brazil – 7 a 9 denovembro

Organized by the Graduate Programme in Museology of the University of São Paulo (PPGMUS USP)
Scientific Committee:

Alice Semedo, University of Porto (Portugal)
Ana Gonçalves Magalhães, Museum of Contemporary Art of USP (Brazil)
Camilo de Mello Vasconcellos, Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology of USP (Brazil)
Diana Vidal, School of Education USP (Brazil)
Luís Gerardo Morales, National School of Conservation, Restoration and Museography of the
National Institute of Anthropology and History (Mexico)
Márcia de Almeida Rizzutto, Physics Institute of USP (Brazil)

In the third edition of the International Symposium of Research on Museology, we intend to discuss the role of museums in contemporary world. Nowadays reality is a very complex one, involving not only migratory fluxus and cultures – which until recently did not have a place in the traditional notion of museum – but also, and more importantly, the experience with the virtual world, and new digital media. Furthermore, we have faced a boom of creation of new museums in territories never thought before, and the growth of museum’s audience – due to the incorporation of museums in the cultural and tourist industry. Museums seem to be dealing with at least four layers of demands: They have to educate, mainly bygetting involved with local community; they have to promote alterity and debate on themes of contemporaneity in a global platform; they have to adapt themselves to the needs of management in the scale of the cultural industry; and they still have to preserve material culture for the long duration. From this framework, we invite applications of research developed in the following topics:
The making of collections in various fields of knowledge
Museum curatorship today
Museum Art and education today
Museological Project and Planning
Interdisciplinary Reserch in Museums
History of museums and of Museology
Museums and Society
Museums and Globalization
   Submission of proposals:
Proposal (500 words) should be sent to the selecting committee in one of the following
languages: Portuguese, Spanish or English.
The application form with the proposal should be sent to:
Application deadline: March 30,2017.
Publication of the result of the selection: May 10, 2017.
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