Job: Fellowship in Cultural Heritage

Opportunity: Bridge Fellowship in Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Economic Development
Deadline: 17th November

The University of Birmingham and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are now seeking to appoint four top postdoctoral researchers in areas that address major global challenges. One of these theme areas is Cultural Heritage and Economic Development.

The Birmingham-Illinois BRIDGE Fellowship programme brings together international research teams in the UK and USA to recruit high-potential, early-career researchers and contribute to the research and academic excellence of both institutions.

How can meaningful heritage economies be constructed / managed to satisfy diverse and highly mobile communities and tourists? How do local, regional and national identities fare within the emergence of heritage economies? How are different types of heritage received by communities in the face of social change and economic decline? Such questions reflect a move away from a sole concern with preserving heritage at any cost, to a more sophisticated and nuanced approach to heritage as being instrumental in leveraging development and in recognition of its wider interpretations to shifting audiences. Under the broad theme of Heritage, Tourism and Economic Development, we are inviting researchers to consider such questions and embark on a project / projects that will mesh with the interests of both IIICH and CHAMP.

Why apply for a BRIDGE Fellowship?

✓ 3 year research post
✓ Research high impact areas that address global challenges
✓ Collaborate with international research teams
✓ International Experience: 2 years at Birmingham, 1 year at Illinois
✓ Research budget and funding for placement in Illinois
✓ Fast track to permanent academic lecturer post at Birmingham

Become a Bridge Fellow in is in Cultural Heritage and Economic Development and fast track your research career

For more information, please visit The closing date for application is the 17th November.

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