Publication: UNESCO on the ground

Journal of Folklore Research An International Journal of Folklore and Ethnomusicology
Vol. 52, No. 2-3, May/December 2015

UNESCO on the Ground: Local Perspectives on Global Policy for Intangible Cultural Heritage (edited by Michael Dylan Foster and Lisa Gilman). 

The issue is now available through Project Muse and JSTOR:
·  Interim Editor’s Note
     Jason Baird Jackson

·  UNESCO on the Ground
     Michael Dylan Foster

·  Voices on the Ground: Kutiyattam, UNESCO, and the Heritage of Humanity
     Leah Lowthorp

·  The Economic Imperative of UNESCO Recognition: A South Korean Shamanic Ritual
     Kyoim Yun

·  Demonic or Cultural Treasure? Local Perspectives on Vimbuza, Intangible Cultural Heritage, and UNESCO in Malawi
     Lisa Gilman

·  Imagined UNESCOs: Interpreting Intangible Cultural Heritage on a Japanese Island
     Michael Dylan Foster

·  Macedonia, UNESCO, and Intangible Cultural Heritage: The Challenging Fate of Teškoto
     Carol Silverman

·  Shifting Actors and Power Relations: Contentious Local Responses to the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Contemporary
     Ziying You

·  Understanding UNESCO: A Complex Organization with Many Parts and Many Actors
     Anthony Seeger

·  Intangible Heritage as Diagnosis, Safeguarding as Treatment
     Valdimar Tr. Hafstein

·  From Cultural Forms to Policy Objects: Comparison in Scholarship and Policy
     Dorothy Noyes

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