Publication: Heritage as Common(s) – Common(s) as heritage

Heritage as Common(s) – Common(s) as Heritage

Ed. Benesch, Hammami, Holmberg, Uzer, Curating the City Series, Gothenburg: Makadam Publishers

What happens if the notion of ”cultural heritage” is put in relation to ”commons”?

Making up variable social areas of sharing, the commons have throughout history been offering various kinds of alternatives to partition, separation, privatization and segregation. However, the commons have been negotiated, competed, challenged, and may therefore be one of the true treasures for heritagization: cultural heritage is one of few contemporary notions that may provoke and complicate current simplified and homogenized understandings of the past.

These issues, with a particular focus on space and place as social imaginary and as practice, were addressed in an experimental cross-faculty seminar series called Heritage as common(s) – Common(s) as heritage  organized within the context of Curating the City /Critical Heritage Studies, University of Gothenburg. Renowned scholars from different disciplines and backgrounds – ranging from sociology, anthropology, planning and geography, to architecture, performing arts and conservation – were invited to present a paper and to suggest yet another person to do the same. The dialogue was followed by prepared comments and an open discussion with the audience. This volume is a collection of these contributions, and its thoughtful design aims to add yet another layer of the theme. This is also the first volume  in the publication series Curating the City.

ISSN 1101-3303, ISBN 978-91-7061-164-3


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