Call for abstracts – edited volume on cultural contestation and heritage

Cultural Contestation: Heritage, Ethnicity and the Role of Government (Palgrave)
Edited by Pieter Wagenaar & Jeroen Rodenberg (VU University Amsterdam)

Call for abstracts – Deadline July 4th, 2015

At current we are exploring possibilities to put together an edited volume around the theme ‘cultural/heritage contestation, ethnicity and the role of government’. We intend to have the volume published in the Palgrave Studies in Heritage and Conflict Series (Series Editors dr. Britt Baillie, dr. Ihab Saloul and prof. dr. Rob van der Laarse).

In our view, ample attention is being paid to the ways in which cultural heritage leads to conflict, especially when heritage is used as a resource for identity formation. Yet, what is far less understood is the role of government during such conflicts. Clear is, however, that governments often play such a role, as they take the initiative to try and solve these conflicts, are called in by one or more of the involved parties to solve the conflict, or even cause conflicts over heritage with their actions.

We call on everyone who would consider contributing to send a short abstract to:

Hoping to hear from you soon, with kind regards,

Jeroen Rodenberg M.Sc., M.A.
VU University Amsterdam
Faculty of Social Sciences
Department of Political Science and  Public Administration
CLUE+, Research Institute for Culture, History and Heritage

Dr. Pieter Wagenaar
Faculty of Social Sciences
Department of Political Science and Public Administration

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