Publication: New issue – EJTS 20 | Heritage Production in Turkey. Actors, Issues, and Scales – Part II

Publication of the 20th installment “Heritage Production in Turkey. Actors, Issues, and Scales – Part II” of the European Journal of Turkish Studies at

This is the second issue focusing on heritage production in contemporary Turkey.

Edited by Muriel Girard (ENSA, Marseilles), this issue offers thought-challenging insights on “Alternative heritages” against dominant neo-Ottomanism.

Table of contents

2.a. Emergence, forgetfulness and obstacles in heritage-making process

Aude Aylin de Tapia (EHESS, Paris/Boğaziçi, Istanbul)

La Cappadoce chrétienne ottomane : un patrimoine (volontairement) oublié ?
Ottoman Christian Cappadocia: a (deliberately) forgotten heritage? [link]

Annika Törne (Ruhr-University Bochum)

“On the grounds where, they will walk in a hundred years’ time” – Struggling with the heritage of violent past in post-genocidal Tunceli [link]

Taline Ter Minassian (INaLCO, Paris)

Le patrimoine arménien en Turquie : de la négation à l’inversion patrimoniale
Armenian heritage in Turkey: from denial to ambivalence [link]

2.b. Nationalism and transnationalism in identitarian claims and heritage development of diverse cultures

Cilia Martin (EHESS, Paris/IFEA, Istanbul)

Une réécriture urbaine. La mise en mémoire du quartier de Kurtulus à Istanbul
Urban rewriting process. The patrimonialisation of Kurtuluş neighborhood, Istanbul [link]

Marlene Schäfers (University of Cambridge/Université Libre de Bruxelles)

Being sick of politics: The production of dengbêjî as Kurdish cultural heritage in contemporary Turkey [link]

Benjamin Weineck (University of Bayreuth/University of Heidelberg)

Alevi Cultural Heritage in Turkey and Germany: Negotiating “Useable Pasts” in Transnational Space [link]

Postface by Michel Rautenberg (Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Étienne) [link]

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