Rethinking Sámi cultures in museums – Journal of Nordic Museology (Nordisk Museologi)

Call for Papers:
Rethinking Sámi cultures in museums
Journal of Nordic Museology (Nordisk Museologi) – Special issue
Deadline 1 June, 2015

In the last few years, the politics of collection, representation and
curation of Sámi heritage in museums have received increased attention and
are now engendering a number of new opportunities and challenges for both
museum theory and practice.
This call for papers invites contributions from academics and museum
professionals from different disciplines and institutions, throughout the
Sápmi area and beyond.
This special issue of the Journal of Nordic Museology (Nordisk Museologi)
aims to gather
perspectives, and expand scholarship on, Sámi issues related to museums, and
to generate a better understanding of the roles that museums have played and
can play in the (re)definition, interpretation, and representation of Sámi
Paper contributions may explore such topics as:

Collecting Sámi: rationale and modalities of collection
•       in the past and present
•       the challenges of collecting material and immaterial Sámi heritage
Exhibiting Sámi: narratives and the politics of display
•       in Sámi Museums
•       in national/majority museums, as well as in regional museums
•       historically
•       contemporary representations, issues and exhibition experiments
•       the structure of the museum system (e.g. in which museums are Sámi
exhibited? What is the rationale of such distribution?)
Curating Sámi: new approaches to curation and conservation of Sámi heritage
•       Sámi ‘traditional knowledge’, Sámi concepts, and world-views:
relevance and challenges for museum theory and practice
•       Repatriation: perspectives on the process of return of collections
from national museums to local Sámi museums or  communities
Cross-cutting topics
•       ethical dimensions of collecting, exhibiting and curating Sámi
•       uses and implications of the adoption of indigenous methodologies
(including indigenous
concepts, practices, values and worldviews)

We particularly welcome papers that adopt a comparative perspective across
Nordic countries, in order to bring to the fore similarities and differences
in the way Sámi heritage is presented in contemporary museums as a result of
–       forms, experiences and consequences of the colonial past;
–       roles of Sámi in the process of nation-building;
–       relationships among Sámi sub-groups, between Sámi and the national
government, and between Sámi and other groups   (ethnic minorities,
immigrants, others);
–       gender perspectives.

Manuscript submission and deadlines:

All paper submissions must be in English, and must contain original and
unpublished material.
Photographs or other images are welcome.

The special issue will include:
–       full-length, peer-reviewed academic articles of a maximum of 7,000
words, including notes, sources and references; and
–       shorter, non peer-reviewed accounts of research projects of a
maximum of 4,000 words.
Please do refer to the Journal of Nordic Museology Author Guidelines, Style
rules and manuscript instructions, available online

Please send your manuscript to and by 1 June, 2015.

Marzia Varutti and Silje Opdahl Mathisen

Dep. Of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages
P.O. Box 1010 Blindern
N-0315 Oslo, Norway

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