Grants: Northumbria University: AHRC funding for UK/EU Arts and Humanities research students in Heritage

The Heritage Consortium will soon be awarding PhD studentships designed to train the next generation of Heritage professionals and researchers. The studentships encourage interdisciplinary research that is engaged directly with local communities, museums and other partner institutions. As part of the programme you will receive specialist training in Heritage Research and work with supervisors from across the institutions contained in the Consortium.

Northumbria University has a wide range of Heritage expertise in Heritage Management, English Literature, History, Cultural Studies and other fields, and encourages applications from students in areas including:

  • Commemoration and collective memory (celebration and ritual at heritage sites; conflicting memories of minority groups; literary heritage and cultural tourism; memorials, sculpture and public art)
  • Migration and diaspora history (associational culture; cultural transfer; roots tourism; material culture; ethnic associations)
  • Museum history and heritage conservation and management (historic houses; histories of galleries and exhibitions; archives and collections; conserving urban heritage)
  • Public history and historical interpretation
  • Heritage-making and representational practices (performance, mediation, pedagogy, politics)

The application deadline is 5pm on 26 February 2015. For details, see

For more information about Heritage at Northumbria and staff contact details, see or

Or contact me for more info:
Susan Ashley, PhD
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Arts, Design and Social Sciences
Northumbria University
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

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