CFP: Session “Heritage in transition”, NorthAmericaTAG, May 2015


North American TAG 2015 Conference “MOVEMENT”

May 22-24, 2015. New York University, New York City.

We are now accepting titles and abstracts for individual papers and presentations —- DEADLINE 28 February 2015.


Organizer: Laia Colomer (Linnaeus University, Sweden)

Abstract: We are living in an increasingly globalized world. People move, settle and re-settle in different places and experience several cultural landscapes, and in this process they re-shape their cultural identity. People’s movements affects people’s sense of belonging to a place and a landscape. What happens then to cultural heritage (monuments, artifacts, places, landscapes) when people’s cultural identities are in transition? Are traditional concepts of national and local heritage valid to people in a global transition? Heritage is undoubtedly affected by these movements, and therefore it would need to redefine its position (values and uses) in a world in transition.

The aim of this session is to explore how the significance and uses of heritage are challenged and redefined in today’s globalised society, in the context of new views on concepts such place, identity, and community. The session will explore the following issues (including cases studies):

o  The role of cultural heritage in a globalised world;

o  The heritage of a globalized culture (e.g. cosmopolitan urban heritage; imaginary cultural landscapes; the role of popular/media culture in making new (global) heritage);

o  The redefinition and (re)use of traditional forms of heritage in relation to contemporary globalization (e.g. the role of the local and the national in a globalised world; is there a human cultural heritage beyond each national designations of UNESCO’s WH sites?);

o  Appreciation cultural heritage on the move (e.g. the role of international museums or global traveling exhibitions; the meaning of local cultures in an international perspective);

o  Managing resilience and change in contemporary’s heritage (e.g. sustainability in heritage managing; accommodating new heritage’s values over time).

Contact/Send paper title and abstract:

Please send title, paper abstract (max. 300 word), author(s) name(s) and contact details.

Deadline for submissions of paper titles and abstracts: 28 February 2015

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