CFP: Post-tourisms panel in Romania, 21-22 November

CFP: Post-tourisms panel in Romania

Open call for papers for a panel on tourism at the Romanian Society for Social and Cultural Anthropology’s annual conference, to be held this year in Cluj-Napoca/Kolozsvár (Romania) on 21-22 November.

Post Tourisms
Tourism remains one of the key processes of ‘appropriation of material goods and symbolic values by powerful actors’ that this conference addresses. Anthropologists have described everyday forms of marginalization, disenfranchisement and resistance embedded in the frames and structures of tourism, hospitality and travel. A key figure in tourism anthropology is the ‘post-tourist’ (Feifer 1985, Urry 1990, Rojek 1997), who self-consciously resists the banalisations of the tourism industry’s commercialized ‘authentic’ experiences. This post-tourism reflects one kind of post/ism analysis and practice among several that are now relevant to current anthropological enquiry. This panel takes as a point of departure a range of these post-s (e.g. postsocialist, postcolonial, poststructural, postmodern) in order to explore a broad range of changing tourism geographies and practices. We welcome papers that look across various political, social and geographic landscapes to explore what ‘posted’ analyses are brought to bear on tourism as embedded practices. What are the ‘post-ed spaces’ of tourism and tourism analysis? The panel encourages critical stances towards the use of posts in the anthropology of tourism. Papers that are cross-disciplinary in either research methods or theoretical frame are particularly encouraged.

Please email abstracts of max 250 words to either myself or Raluca Nagy ( Deadline for abstract submissions is 15 september.

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