Publication: Forest Conservation in the Anthropocene

Forest Conservation in the Anthropocene, available now:

Climate change is but one aspect of the Anthropocene, a new epoch in which the effects of human activities have become the predominant force in the global biosphere. More than just an overlay on the traditional concerns of sustainable natural resource management, the uncertainties associated with these effects are creating a “no-analog future” in which much of the existing science relating to the functioning and response of forest ecosystems – which serves as the fundamental basis for current forest management practices and policies – must be reconsidered. In these collected papers, leading scientists, resource managers and policy specialists explore the implications of climate change and other manifestations of the Anthropocene on the management of wildlife habitat, biodiversity, water, and other resources, with particular attention to the effects of wildfire. Recommendations include the need for a supporting institutional, legal, and policy framework that is not just different but more dynamic, to facilitate resource management adaptation and preparedness in a period of accelerating environmental change.

Keywords: forest conservation, management, Anthropocene, climate change

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PDF File Size: 135 K

V. Alaric Sample
PDF File Size: 645 K

Section I: Monitoring and Projecting Effects of Changing Climatic Regimes and Other Large-scale, Long-term Influences on Forest Ecosystems and Sustainable Management of Forests

Climate Change in the Age of Humans
J. Curt Stager
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

Evidence-based Planning for Forest Adaptation
Lee Hannah, Thomas E. Lovejoy
PDF File Size: 745 K

Adapting Forest Science, Practice, and Policy to Shifting Ground: From Steady-State Assumptions to Dynamic Change
Daniel B. Botkin
PDF File Size: 950 K

Evolving Conservation Paradigms for the Anthropocene
Ariel E. Lugo
PDF File Size: 795 K

Terrestrial Protected Areas: Threats and Solutions
Tim Caro, Grace K. Charles, Dena J. Clink, Jason Riggio, Alexandra Weill, Carolyn Whitesell
PDF File Size: 840 K

Section II: Uncharted Territory: Assessing Vulnerability and Developing Options for Sustaining Key Values and Services From Forest Ecosystems Under Conditions of Elevated Uncertainty

Briefing: Climate and Wildfire in Western U.S. Forests
Anthony Westerling, Tim Brown, Tania Schoennagel, Thomas Swetnam, Monica Turner, Thomas Veblen
PDF File Size: 1 MB

Forest Ecosystem Re-organization Underway in the Southwestern United States: A Preview of Widespread Forest Changes in the Anthropocene?
Craig D. Allen
PDF File Size: 2.5 MB

Increasing Resiliency in Frequent Fire Forests: Lessons from the Sierra Nevada and Western Australia
Scott L. Stephens
PDF File Size: 1.3 MB

Planning the Future’s Forests with Assisted Migration
Mary I. Williams, R. Kasten Dumroese
PDF File Size: 900 K

Invasive Plants, Insects, and Diseases in the Forests of the Anthropocene
Alexander M. Evans
PDF File Size: 820 K

Indigenous Experiences in the U.S. with Climate Change and Environmental Stewardship in the Anthropocene
Karletta Chief, John J. Daigle, Kathy Lynn, Kyle Powys Whyte
PDF File Size: 1.2 MB

Journeying into the Anthropocene—Scots Pine and Eastern Hemlock Over the Next 400 Years
Duncan Stone
PDF File Size: 840 K

Mitigating Anthropocene Influences in Forests in the United States
Chadwick Dearing Oliver
PDF File Size: 1.3 MB

Section III: Developing and Implementing Adaptation Strategies for Biodiversity Conservation on Large Landscapes and Varying Patterns of Public and Private Ownership

Challenges and Opportunities for Large Landscape-Scale Management in a Shifting Climate: The Importance of Nested Adaptation Responses Across Geospatial and Temporal Scales
Gary M. Tabor, Anne Carlson, Travis Belote
PDF File Size: 2.2 MB

Implementing Climate Change Adaptation in Forested Regions of the United States
Jessica E. Halofsky, David L. Peterson, Linda A. Joyce, Constance I. Millar, Janine M. Rice, Christopher W. Swanston
PDF File Size: 1 MB

Improving the Role of Vulnerability Assessments In Decision Support for Effective Climate Adaptation
Linda A. Joyce, Constance I. Millar
PDF File Size: 965 K

Maintaining Forest Diversity in a Changing Climate: a Geophysical Approach
Mark Anderson, Nels Johnson, Scott Bearer
PDF File Size: 3.6 MB

Adaptation Approaches for Conserving Ecosystems Services and Biodiversity in Dynamic Landscapes Caused By Climate Change
Oswald J. Schmitz, Anne M. Trainor
PDF File Size: 870 K

Section IV: Water Resource Protection: Investment Strategies for Managing Risks From Wildfires, Pests/Pathogens, and Severe Storm Events

Adaptation: Forests as Water Infrastructure in a Changing Climate
Todd Gartner, Heather McGray, James Mulligan, Jonas Epstein, Ayesha Dinshaw
PDF File Size: 910 K

Water Source Protection Funds as a Tool to Address Climate Adaptation and Resiliency in Southwestern Forests
Laura Falk McCarthy
PDF File Size: 1.7 MB

Measuring Resilience to Climate Change: The Benefits of Forest Conservation in the Floodplain
Carolyn Kousky, Margaret Walls, Ziyan Chu
PDF File Size: 1.4 MB

A Community Based Approach to Improving Resilience of Forests and Water Resources: A Local and Regional Climate Adaptation Methodology
Toby Thaler, Gwen Griffith, Nancy Gilliam
PDF File Size: 855 K

Climate Change Effects on Forests, Water Resources, and Communities of the Delaware River Basin
Will Price, Susan Beecher
PDF File Size: 810 K

Cumulative Effects: Managing Natural Resources for Resilience in the Urban Context
Sarah C. Low
PDF File Size: 795 K

Considerations for Forest Adaptation to Climate Change in Sustainable Production of Wood/Fiber/Biomass and Ecosystem Services
Roger A. Sedjo
PDF File Size: 775 K

Section V: Evolving Institutional and Policy Frameworks to Support Timely Implementation of Adaptation Strategies

National Wildlife Refuges: Portals to Conservation
Joseph F. McCauley
PDF File Size: 1.3 MB

Policy Challenges for Wildlife Management in a Changing Climate
Mark L. Shaffer
PDF File Size: 870 K

Evolving Institutional and Policy Frameworks to Support Adaptation Strategies
Dave Cleaves
PDF File Size: 830 K

Climate Change: Wilderness’s Greatest Challenge
Nathan L. Stephenson, Constance I. Millar
PDF File Size: 800 K

Evolving the Policy Framework: Budget Strategies, Legislative Authorities, and Management Strategies to Facilitate Federal Forest Adaptation and Collaborative Partnerships
Christopher Topik, Paige Lewis
PDF File Size: 840 K

Summary and Synthesis
V. Alaric Sample, Christopher Topik
PDF File Size: 3.4 MB

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