Conference: Heritagization and heritage sustainability: reflection and prospective, Lisbon, Nov. 2014

Herewith you will find the program for the meeting Heritagization and heritage sustainability: reflection and prospective, that will take place on November 27, 28 and 29, 2014 at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities – UNL, in Lisbon, organized by the Institute of Contemporary History and the Institute of Art History.

The importance and role of heritage (both cultural and natural) in contemporary society have created, in a way almost transversal to all scientific areas, the need for increased knowledge and reflection on issues related to collective and social memory; the selection of elements from the past and its refunctionalisation in the present; the heritage function of several cultural goods and manifestations in relation to the communities of belonging; the cyclic character of heritage; the heritage dimension of development; ultimately, heritage as a social and cultural fact.

The thematic of heritagization and natural and cultural heritage sustainability, vast and complex, is amplified by the diversity of its historical configurations and the ambiguity of terms it summons.

This meeting is organized to stimulate a multidisciplinary reflection and aims at contributions not only from the fields of History, Art History, Anthropology, Archaeology, Sociology, Geography, and other social sciences, but also from natural sciences and other scientific and technological domains, related to heritage studies and museology, that may make known and contribute to understand and to act on heritigization processes and/or on the use, transmission and sustainable heritage management.

No registration fees will be required, but prior registration is requested – name, institution and email – through Acceptance will be subject to room capacity.

Best regards.

The Organizing Commission


Divulgacao Patrimonialização e sustentabilidade do património

programa Patrimonialização e SustPatri_2014_Prov1



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