CFP: Association of Critical Heritage studies conference 2014

Association of Critical Heritage Studies

Second biannual Conference, Canberra, 2-4th December 2014 

Confirmed Keynote speakers: 

Michael Herzfeld – Harvard University, USA

Zongjie Wu – Zhejiang University, China

Denis Byrne – University of Western Sydney, Australia

Margaret Wetherell – University of Auckland, New Zealand 

Sherry Linkon – Georgetown University, USA


Deadline for the call for papers: 1st June 2014.

We have identified from the call for sessions a number of over-arching ‘umbrella’ themes. These are identified below, with a coordinator from the organizing committee for that umbrella theme, and (following the link for the theme) a short statement characterising the theme. Under the umbrella themes are the abstracts for the sessions that we have formally accepted, and details of the people who have proposed them. Enquires about themes or session details should be sent to either the coordinator of the theme and/or the session proposer.

It is now possible to submit individual papers, which will be reviewed by the session organisers and conference committee. You can do this by:

(a) nominating your paper for consideration in an accepted session;
(b) submitting a stand-alone paper.

We will also consider further sessions, on any topics that address the CFP, but only if all the papers for the session are already organised by the session proposer/s (i.e. we will not advertise any new sessions in the general CFP).

NB: a number of sessions already have some papers organised, but none of the sessions we are advertising are full. Having said that, we cannot guarantee that all sessions will attract enough papers to run (or conversely may be over-full), and your paper (if accepted) may be re-allocated to another session, even though you submitted it for a particular session.

For details of the general call for papers and other conference information please follow this link to the Australia National University’s official conference page.

Paper Submissions:

To identify a suitable session for your proposed paper please explore the links below behind which are a variety of sessions. Once you have clicked on a theme link you will be able to download individual session abstracts for your consideration. Once you have selected a suitable session please click on the right link to submit a paper for this session. Please complete all of the information on this page and attach your abstract. Once this page is complete please click on submit which will register your abstract and will send an automated email to your account as a receipt.

If you do not find a suitable individual session but would like to submit a stand-alone paper suiting one of the themes, please follow the link for that theme (below) and then follow the link for submitting a stand-alone paper for that theme.

If you do not find a suitable theme but would still like to submit an abstract for the conference, please follow the link at the bottom of the list of the themes (below) to submit an abstract to a general conference session.

Each theme has been assigned a coordinator. If you have any questions about the themes or paper submission in general please contact by email the relevant theme organiser.

Conference umbrella themes:

See also

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