CFP: Locating value, Geography Conference UK

Call for Papers: 2014 RGS Annual Conference, London 26-29 August 2014
Locating value

Organisers: Samantha Saville, Aberystwyth University and Gareth Hoskins, Aberystwyth University

The concept of value is a fundamental core of human geography and at the heart of the discussions surrounding the spatial economy, the cultural sector, and ecosystems services. And yet it has not attracted sustained attention. Whilst there has been intermittent interest (see for example Burgess and Gold’s ‘Valued Environments’ (1982), Clarke’s (2010) critical deconstruction of the term, Cresswell’s (2012) examination of the construction of value in archives, and Henderson’s recent effort to de-couple value and capital though a close reading of Marx (2013), a more thorough and eclectic engagement with value, considering its long-standing philosophical importance and widespread everyday use, is surely due.

In this session we aim to continue a dialogue that explores how value is geographically produced in and across different times, spaces, places and disciplines. We would like to open the session to those involved in producing, assessing, interrogating and theorising value and systems of valuation: practitioners and academics (in and outside of geography) alike. Examples might include cultural heritage assessments, landscape visual impact assessments, valuation and categorisations of species, habitats or ecosystems, rankings and lists of attractions of all kinds. We welcome especially topics which can speak to the following questions:

How is value produced and reproduced?
What roles do (human or non-human) stakeholders and the wider material environments play in value’s generation and reproduction?
What effects do value and/or processes of valuation have (for example on place, community, ‘nature’, landscape)?
How is value experienced, personally and politically, and what can this tell us?
How can the concept of value be usefully applied and theorised?
The expected format is 15 minute presentation slots with 5 minutes for questions afterwards and a chaired discussion. However other suggestions for 15-20 minute slots are welcomed and encouraged.

Please submit a 250 word abstract to the organisers, Samantha Saville ( and Gareth Hoskins ( by 14th February 2014.

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