CFP:40th anniversary of the European Architectural Heritage Year (1975-2015)

40th anniversary of the European Architectural Heritage Year (1975-2015)

Concept by Wilfried Lipp/Michael Falser (ICOMOS Austria)
Call for Contributions
In 1975, the European Council announced the European Architectural Heritage Year (EAHY 1975) under the motto A Future for our Past. It was decided on by 17 member states, and carried out by 23 countries. The project was one of the largest international campaigns for the preservation of architectural heritage worldwide, with 45 case studies all over Europe.
The idea of the EAHY 1975 goes back to an initiative of the Austrian delegate Ludwig Weiss, who, in 1963, conceived of the preservation of architectural heritage as a pan-European concern, and thus as an elementary device for the culturo-political collaboration of the member states of the European Council. In the following years, Austria also contributed largely to the concept and realisation of the EAHY 1975. Connecting to this tradition, ICOMOS Austria (concept by Wilfried Lipp and Michael Falser) aims to publish an edited volume on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of this important event in 2015, in the series MONUMENTA.
Contributions should be organised around four principal topics:
1. A historical analysis of the formative phase of the EAHY 1975 as a pan-European project, including details about its specific realisation in the different participating countries paying special attention to discussions, projects, and case studies, or both.
2. A critical evaluation of the historic campaign from a contemporary viewpoint with regard to the theory and practice of the discipline of historic preservation up to the present, bearing the aspect in mind of What did we want back then and where do we stand today?
3. A view on the worldwide reception and effect of this decidedly European project, and/or on comparable culturo-political, institutional, und preservationist movements outside of Europe.
4. Attachment: A collection of historical sources of/about the European Architectural Heritage Year 1975 with charters, declarations, legislative proposals, catalogues, brochures, maps, and posters.
The contributions from various methodological and disciplinary viewpoints in German, English and French language should not exceed 40 000 characters (incl. spaces) and a maximum of 5 black/white illustrations. Since the edited volume is planned to appear in Spring 2015, the deadline for the finalized texts is 1 September 2014.
With this short description, the editors of the volume encourage contributions and ask for the transmission of a short exposé of the intended essay as PDF by 31 October 2013, indicating which section of the above-mentioned four the planned text corresponds, to the email address:
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