CFP:The Memory of Communism

COST Action IS1203

In search of transcultural memory in Europe (ISTME)

Working Group 1 Politics of Memory

Call for Papers

Workshop The memory of Communism in Europe: actors, norms, institutions

Paris, 15th-16th May 2014

Twenty years after the fall of the Soviet bloc, contestedmemories of Communism are being constantly reactivatedby political and social actors in the former Eastern bloc.Conflicting narratives on the Communist past aresimultaneously getting torn out of their national frameworks through the increasing involvement of international and transnational actors in the “management of the Communist past”.

This workshop aims at discussing the recent proliferation of debates on Communism in local, national and international venues by focussing on the writing of the history of Communism (textbooks, museums, historical debates…); the legal assessment of Communism (domestic laws, trials…); the internationalization of narratives and norms (symbolic condemnation of the ‘crimes of Communism’ by the Council of Europe and the European Union, case law of the European Court of Human Rights).

Papers discussing in theoretical and conceptual terms the framing of social representations of Communism in different national contexts are welcomed. Additionally, papers with a comparative approach or a transnational perspective will be very well received.

Proposals for papers should contain a title and a brief summary (100 words). Deadline for submission is 1stDecember 2013. Papers accepted will be taken into consideration for the publication agenda of the Working Group on Politics of Memory.


Please, submit paper abstracts to:

Carlos Closa

Georges Mink

Laure Neumayer

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