Publication: Anthropological Journal of European Cultures (22:1) – History, Heritage and Place-Making

Anthropological Journal of European Cultures

THEMATIC FOCUS: History, Heritage and Place-Making

How do people use history to shape their lives, places and ‘worlds’? Which kind of history do they use, and in what ways? What are the functions of history in this context? How do people interact with places and spaces by constructing history, and what are the implications of these constructions for a sense of place? These are some of the questions explored in this special issue on history and place-making.

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History as a Resource in Postmodern Societies
Máiréad Nic Craith and Michaela Fenske

Making the New by Rebuilding the Old: Histourism in Werben, Germany
Michaela Fenske

‘The Best Way to See Waterloo is with Your Eyes Shut’: British ‘Histourism’, Authenticity and Commercialisation in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
Pieter François

Living Heritage and Religious Traditions: Re-interpreting Columba/Colmcille in the UK City of Culture
Máiréad Nic Craith

The Memorialisation of the Highland Clearances in Scottish Museums: Economic and Socio-Political Uses of Heritage
Laurence Gouriévidis

The Life of the Death of ‘The Fighting Fairy Woman of Bodmin’: Storytelling around the Museum of Witchcraft
Helen Cornish

The Zoo as a Realm of Memory
Cornelius Holtorf

Regional Identity and Regionalisation in Eastern Europe: The Case of Lubuskie, Poland
Robert A. Parkin

Philip McDermott, Migrant Languages in the Public Space: A Case Study from Northern Ireland
Reviewed by Nicola Bermingham

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