Symposium:Thinking Memory Through Space (London, July 11-12)

Room 309 Richard Hoggart Building, Goldsmiths University of London


What does it mean to remember through space? Why is it important, or  indeed necessary, to analyze memory and space conjointly? Is it possible to  remember without or outside of space? This symposium aims to create a forum  in which to discuss, analyze, and critically engage with the topic of  post-violence memory and space. Paying close attention to the ways in which  particular places and sites of violence are materially experienced,  represented, and even imagined, the symposium seeks to literally ‘think  memory through space’.

The two-day event will be organized around four central themes in which we  will pair invited speakers with early career researchers in order to generate productive discussions about specific research projects and about  broader theoretical concerns in analyses of memory.

Organizing institutions:
Goldsmiths University of London – Anthropology Department
Spanish National Research Council [CSIC] –
Institute of Philosophy and Institute of Language, Literature and Anthropology

Supported by:
Marie Curie SPBuild Initial Training Network Bosnian Bones, Spanish Ghosts, Goldsmiths College / European Research  Council

More info:
To book a place email:

Thinking Memory Through Space is organized by
Zahira Aragüete
Pamela Colombo
Lee Elisabeth Douglas

Marije Hristova


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