Publication:Ethics and archaeological tourism in Latin America

Díaz-Andreu, M. 2013. Ethics and archaeological tourism in Latin America. International Journal of Historical Archaeology [special issue: Díaz-Andreu, M. and Villalobos Acosta, C. (eds.). The ethics of archaeological tourism in Latin America] 17: 225-244.

Other articles in the same issue are:  / Otros artículos publicados en el mismo número de la revista son:

– Ethics and Archaeological Tourism in Latin America – Margarita Díaz-Andreu – 225-244

– Working/Touring the Past: Latin American Identity and the Political Frustration of Heritage – O. Hugo Benavides – 245-260

– Tourism and Archaeology in Brazil: Postmodern Epistemology in Two Case Studies – Pedro Paulo A. Funari, Fabiana Manzato and Louise Prado Alfonso – 261-274

– Heritage Tourism, Identity and Development in Peru – Alexander Herrera – 275-295

– Confessions of an Archaeological Tour Guide – Rosemary A. Joyce – 296-314

– Complicating the Local: Defining the Aymara at Tiwanaku, Bolivia – Clare A. Sammells – 315-331

– Light Shows and Narratives of the Past – César Villalobos Acosta – 332-350

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