CFP:Cities and heritage meeting ‘Changing Cities and Heritage Management: New Players? New Practices?’

22-24 May 2013. Lyon, France. Deadline: 1 May 2013

Cities and heritage meeting: “Changing Cities and Heritage Management: New Players? New Practices?”

22-24 May 2013. Lyon, France

Deadline: 1 May 2013

The city of Lyon (France) and the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC) will host a meeting on World Heritage cities and historic cities on May, 22, 23,24,2013, for the 15th anniversary celebration of the inscription of the «Historic site of Lyon» on the World Heritage List and the development of a management plan for this site.

This meeting is organized by the city of Lyon (France) and the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC) and their partners: UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre, in the framework of the France Unesco cooperation agreement, Council of Europe, the Directorate of Democratic Governance, Culture and Diversity, and the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, ICOMOS French Committee and the International Committee on Historical Towns and villages (CIVVIH) , Getty conservation Institute, Association of French world heritage assets, French national association of towns and regions of art and history and towns with protected area.

This meeting builds on the “Historical Cities in Development: Keys for Understanding and Acting” — a collection of case studies on conservation and management of historic cities project, which documented city expertise in urban development by highlighting heritage focused urban projects.

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Who is the Lyon Meeting for?

The meeting is primarily addressed to mayors and elected officials, as well as practitioners and players in World Heritage cities, especially historic cities, and aims to include an European regional focus.

The experience and expertise of cities, as well as their questions, will be highlighted as a series of concrete practices designed to meet national or international strategies and the opinions of experts in the fields of culture, heritage and urban planning.

This meeting aims to continue the dynamics, methodology and analyses implemented through the compilation of case studies:

  • The preservation and enhancement of heritage through case studies dealing with the reconversion of monuments or sites involving new uses;
  • The role of local inhabitants through case studies on the sharing of heritage values, social appropriation or governance, which address issues of good citizenship.
  • The strategy of local authorities through case studies dealing with urban projects for which the question is: how to implement a global development scheme?

The meeting is addressed primarily to Mayors and elected officials as well as managing bodies of world heritage cities and historic towns focusing on the European region.
The Cities and Heritage Meeting aims to contribute to the debate on operating methods which promote an interaction between values and heritage, urban projects and the expectations of local residents.
The goal is to identify concrete initiatives, such as an exchange and cooperation program about new players and new practices.

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