Publication: MUSEUM International N°247 What Can Art Still Do ?


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MUSEUM International, published by UNESCO since 1948, is a major forum for the exchange of scientific and technical information concerning museums and cultural heritage at an international level.
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MUSEUM International
What Can Art Still Do? (2)

Editorial Isabelle Vinson

Chap. 1 Art and Power

  • Antiquity, Modernity and Permanence of Relationship Imre Toth
  • The Role of Art in Reducing Poverty Jean-Pierre Daogo-Guingané
  • Art in the Mirror of Philosophical Reflection Liubava Moreva
  • On the Unpower of Art Patrick Vauday

Chap. 2 Art as Dignity and Liberation

  • The Vital Importance of the Arts in Personal Development Miguel Ángel Estrella
  • Presentation and Interpretation of the Art of Others: the case of Amerindians Joëlle Rostkowski
  • American Indian Art and Literature Today: survivance and tragic wisdom Gerald Vizenor
  • China and Colette Brunschwig’s Art of Witnessing Steven Shankman
  • The Sacred Duty of Art Frances Albernaz

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See also MUSEUM International N°244 What Can Art Still Do? (1)

MUSEUM International N°236:
Gender Perspectives on Cultural Heritage and Museums (2007)

Museum International N°236 proposes a gender-oriented approach to heritage, containing articles that offer an insight into the key role that women have played in shaping and preserving world cultural heritage in the past and the role they still play today. Chapter 1 explores women’s rights in relation to two UNESCO Conventions: Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (2003) and the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (2005). Chapter 2 describes the different levels at which women are present in the heritage Sector: from the destruction of perceptions and views of native women in the history of compiling collections. Chapter 3 reviews the experience of women in their commitment to creating museums in different cultures and regions of the world. Museum International N°236 provides the opportunity to redress an imbalance in recognising the role women play in culture and upholding their right to access it.

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