CFP 2nd Meeting of SIEF’s WG on Cultural Heritage & Property 2010, Last Call

2nd Meeting of the SIEF’s Working Group on ‘Cultural Heritage and Property’
Call for Papers
We are pleased to announce the second and last call for papers for the 2nd meeting of the SIEF’s working group on ‘Cultural Heritage and Property’, to be held in Portugal from 16 to 17 September 2010, concerning the theme Heritage and Power.
As anthropological literature produced in the last decades show, power is a central matter within the realm of heritage. Heritage products and places are shaped by different kinds of power relations. The current capitalist ideology is the driving force of the contemporary processes of conversion of different types of cultural goods into heritage commodities, which are exchanged in the global tourist market. It also informs a set of global and local discourses and practices about heritage in a wide range of geographical contexts. In these processes, individuals and collectivities make up and participate in several ‘fields of power’ (Wolf 1999) in order to achieve their own political, social, and economic purposes. Politicians, specialists, tourist entrepreneurs, and local populations are the forces implicated in it. They all produce discourses and daily practices which are inscribed in particular contexts and which produce and transform power structures.
This meeting aims to discuss in a comprehensive way the concepts, ideas, and practices that inform the entwining of heritage and power. Proposals should deal with the following questions: What kind of power relations are woven into heritage and how?
How are they recombined in specific contexts? How are they objectified within contemporary ‘globalizing dynamics’ (Sassen 2006)? Papers with ethnographic grounds are especially welcome, but inquiries into theory are also expected.
Main topics include heritage policies and local practices; heritage guardianship and proprietorship; heritage preservation and interpretation; heritage tourism promotion and consumption; social agents and processes related to the construction and management of heritage.

Luís Silva – Centre for Research in Anthropology (CRIA / FCSH – UNL, Portugal)
Paula Mota Santos – University Fernando Pessoa (Porto, Portugal)
Location: Lisbon and Porto (Portugal)
Fees: There is no fee for the meeting. But participants carry their own cost of travel and
Work Language: English
Application: To apply for participation in the meeting, please send an abstract (around 250 words) to
Luís Silva (, and Paula Mota Santos (
Abstract submission deadline: 15 May, 2010. Later abstracts will not be considered.

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